Speakers’ Profile

Speaker 1: Wael Hassan
Topic 1: Covid Tracing Analytics Solution

We will have a chat with Dr. Wael about Covid-19 tracing analytics solution.

Speaker 2: A privacy officer
Topic 2: Smart Audit

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Speaker 3: Ryan Youngerman
Topic 3: Audit privacy

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Speaker 4: Heath Adams
Topic 4: Advances in penetration testing

We will talk with Heath about healthcare and the trends in hacking.

Speaker 5: Shawn Mullican
Topic 5:  SECURITI

We are guiding companies to incorporate technology into their privacy programs. This allows them to adapt to ever-changing data, and automate access to information request.

Speaker 6: Adrienne McKean
Topic 6:  UCaaS & Data Networking

We are going to discuss how healthcare organizations are now looking to utilize the cloud to collaborate with costumers, and highlight the advantages of moving voice and data communications to a flexible and scalable cloud-based technologies to cut costs.