Predictive Analytics and AI

Summit Agenda

Event bringing together Privacy Audit Proffessionals 

Legal Reporting Obligations

We guide you through all privacy legislation to ensure you are up to date and well informed of all privacy guidelines and requirements.

Mandatory Breach Reporting

Our tool makes breach reporting easy. In addition to immediate breach reporting, we also help you comply with requirements from the Ontario Privacy Commission.

Webinar on Audit Tool 

Join our webinar to get a firsthand view of how our audit tool works. You will gain an understanding of our interface as well as what happens behind the scenes.

Customizable Solutions

Each of our solutions is built from the ground up. We begin by learning your needs and customize a solution specific to you. 

Comprehensive Monitoring

We monitor every single access to your system, ensuring nothing goes undetected. By understanding how all information is accessed, we determine appropriate access.

AI Driven 

Our audit tool uses artificial intelligence to understand how you work and adapt to your needs. We cross-reference data from multiple systems to prevent false alarms. The more you use our tool, the more it understands your habits and adopts.

Ongoing Service

We value personal relationships with our clients as much as the digital ones. We provide extensive support throughout every phase of our project from pre-installment, training, and future developments.


Detecting and Deterring Unauthorized Access to Personal Health Information  

Read what the  Information and Privacy Commissinor of Ontario has to say about the necessity of a comprehensive audit solution. We summarize the key points as to why privacy audit is a necessity and how our tool exceeds all regulations and industry requirements.

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Role of AI in detecting Breaches

What makes our audit solution unique is its ability to adapt and grow with you. We combine multiple systems to provide a comprehensive environment for our solution to learn your specialized needs. The more you use our tool, the more it learns how you operate and how to better respond to your individual needs. 

Markham Stouffville Hospital

Auditing Meditech

Mackenzie Health


ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment


What Our Clients Say

“Its a Privacy Officers’ dream”

Chief Privacy Officer
Toronto, Canada

“This is a very important activity that we are working with Minitry of Health to support”

Innovation Manager
Ontario, Canada

“Solution considerably lowered cyberrisk insurance”

Chief Security officer
Connecticut, United States

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Leadership Team

Canadian thought leadership with health system expertise

Dr. Waël Hassan

Founder & CEO

Dr. Waël Hassan is a Privacy & Security professional with over 20 years of experience developing privacy products, building analytical models, consulting on strategic analytics and managing services for public, private, and non-profit sector organizations.

Dr. Ali Abbas

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Ali Abbas has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as a Master of Science in Systems Science and Management. 

Samer Hijazi

Business Development

Business and operations manager with 20+ years of experience in managing information and telecommunication projects.

Our Awesome Team

Rebecca Hellam


Ievestikhi Akshunk

Lead Developer




Audited MB



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