Privacy Officers' AI Tools
Upcoming Webinar On October 28

ATTEND OUR OCtober 28, 2020 event

Join PHIPA's Privacy and Security Webinar to master AI, data policy, and more.
Over the past decade, privacy has become an increasing concern for the public as data analytics has expanded exponentially in scope.
Big data has become a part of our everyday lives in ways that most people are not fully aware of and don’t understand.
Governments are struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation and figure out how to regulate a big data sector that supersedes national borders.
PHIPA2020 event will present a solution to managing and reporting on data assets and discuss security threats in the COVID world.
What you will gain from this webinar:
- Learn about practical applications with AI in Healthcare
- Predictive Analytics in Contact Tracing
- Audit Analytics for SMART Privacy Audit
- Latest in communication advancement
This conference presents AI tools that improve Privacy.


The agenda covers topics of AI, Analytics, Policy, Innovation, and Procurement

Event Agenda

The conference will present AI solutions meant for Information Managers and Privacy Officers 

10:00 AM | AI for Privacy in Healthcare - Waël Hassan
10:25 AM | Automating Data Mapping - Shawn Mullican
10:45 AM | Security Threats in COVID world - Heath Adams
11:10 AM | Large Data Analysis Contact Tracing - Ryan Youngerman
11:35 AM | UCaaS & Data Networking - Adrienne McKean
12:00 PM | Q&A


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