Join the PHIPA Summit for in-depth discussions on implementing IPC’s requirements for auditing and breach reporting. With a privacy office containing minimal staff, many healthcare organizations face a challenge in meeting their audit and breach reporting obligations. You’ll learn tools and techniques used to audit health care records, lessons from privacy officers who have implemented AI, and learn from privacy commissioners about their experience on reporting and managing breaches with the IPC. Look forward to an in-depth program featuring a full day of educational sessions and keynote presentations. The Forum is the only event that brings province-wide recognized privacy programming to Ontario.

Join us online:
Date: October 7, 2020


10:30am:Welcome and Introduction
10:45am:IPC Requirements
11:15am: Audit Tool Demo
12:00pm: Lunch Break
12:30pm: Privacy Officer Round Table
1:00pm: Experience with Al Auditing
2:00pm: Q&A